Capri Girl

Capri Girl 11

Capri Girl

Roberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio, the designer duo behind Italian fine jewelry house FARAONE MENNELLA welcomed their international friends and supporters to the beautiful and legendary island of Capri to celebrate the launch on their newest collection, “Capri Girl”.

I arrive on July 3rd, and after a long day of traveling, was greeted by the most beautiful scenery. After I admired the view and enjoyed the sun’s glow upon my skin for a bit, I headed to town, ready to do some serious shopping! It was incredible! Such fabulous shopping, I’m lucky there was only so much time for it, otherwise I would have done some serious damage! As incredible as Italian fashion was, the real glamour was obviously at the parties!

First night we all met for a cocktail party at Roberto’s store, FARAONE MENNELLA…It was fatal attraction between me & a diamond bracelet!!!! Posing with Roberto & Amadeo was so much fun!!! Then we formed a conga line by The Phly Boyz Band and danced our way to the Piazza for more cocktails, delicious food, and a performance of “Capri Girl!” HSN’s CEO, Mindy Grossman, was there…we talked, laughed & danced the night away!!! This was just to catch the flavor of Capri-happy, carefree, ultra-glam! Every woman at the party was dressed to kill, sexy to the max Italian-style!!!

The main event was also full of incredible fashion, women wore everything from long gowns to micro minis. We all loaded into buses, which took us down winding cliffs with breathtaking views at sunset, and dropped us off at a rocky beach where we were picked up by private boats to the legendary Fontelina Beach Club. It was a magical boat ride past amazing rock formations with shooting stars everywhere… we reached the uber-iconic and ultra exclusive Fontelina Beach Club where we were greeted by musicians & dancers in native Neapolitan dress…We grabbed tambourines started dancing & so goes the party…We danced with the sparkling mediterranean all around us, until we sat down to a dinner party of 150 incredible individual…It was all glamorous, lovely, and delicisioso!!! Then more dancing…massive fireworks, and @2am a gorgeous full-moonlit ride back to the hotel……..truly a night I’ll never forget….harkened back to the famous jetsetters of the ’60’s!!! I could not thank Amedeo and Roberto enough for hosting such a magnificently fun and utterly glamorous weekend. I left Italy with some regret, like a true Capri Girl!