Celebrating 21 Years on HSN with Kirstie Alley

Diane and Kirstie Alley - HSN

Celebrating 21 Years on HSN with Kirstie Alley

I’ll sum up my 21st Anniversary on HSN with one word: extraordinary!

When I found out that Kirstie Alley was a DG2 fan, let’s just say that it was more than a pleasant surprise. For me, it further demonstrated the impact of an incredible fitting pair of jeans.  A pair of jeans with a purpose, a pair of jeans with you in mind.

To be entirely honest, while designing my Superstretch Lite and Classic Stretch Skinny Jeans, I’m not sure that I was thinking to design them for an Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning actress! However, in speaking to Kirstie, it was clear that she not only possessed great talent, striking beauty, and a hilarious sense of humor, but also, the same exact issues that all of us experience as women after a certain age.

I felt incredibly proud to have Kirstie in the studio with us at HSN, and joyous that she was there to celebrate with me and all the DG2 girls out there! It was such an incredible show–Feels like I’m still be making history after 21 years–and all 21 of them, I could never have done without all of you! Thank you!

In case you missed the show here it is!