My weekend with Mr. Mickey!

Mr. Mickey

My weekend with Mr. Mickey!

I’d like to share with all of you Paper magazine’s Mickey Boardman article. Yes, the same Paper Magazine that featured Kim Kardashian “au naturel,” and yes, it was Mickey Boardman who brought that sensational piece to reality. Mickey is considered one of the most influential writers in the fashion scene today. So I was in pretty ‘cool’ company when Mickey came to HSN to hang out on the day of my Superstretch Comfort Waist Jeggings Today’s Special, and soak up the local culture with a look ‘behind the scenes.’ He sure saw it all…the makeup, the adrenaline rush, the communication level…

Throughout the years, I’ve had many press pieces done on me–Kathy Horyn’s the New York Times article and NBC’s Charlie Rose’s interview–great pieces and rare priveleges. But none touched me the way Mickey’s  “Hanging Out with Diane Gilman, The Most Influential TV Celebrity You’ve Never Heard of,” did….Reading it was deeply personal to me, but at the same time, it was exactly what I would want the world to know! I think you will love his clear, concise, highly observant writing style. And because Mickey genuinely LOVES HSN (he even knew Sunzanne Runyan was a “crafter”) it made doing this article with him all the more perfect!

So thank you, Mickey!

Cheers to a great new year!