The List: Power Players


The List: Power Players

Tonight on The List with Colleen Lopez, I’ll be a guest alongside some serious power players in fashion, and I could not be more excited.

For those of you who celebrated my 21st anniversary with me last month, you know that I’ve been in this industry for some time, yet my fascination only grows! Just how can a material object spark me to say “I need this”? Moreover, who created it, what was the inspiration, what’s the story behind it?

My career as a designer really took off in the last 21 years when I had a goal, to empower my generation of women through fashion, and  that became my raison d’etre.

When I join fashion power players Fern Mallis, Twiggy, Nikki Poulos, and Danielle DiFerdinando tonight, I look forward to seeing inside their creative processes, reasons for wanting to start businesses, their goals as creators and what reinforces their purpose. These women are not just fashion icons, they’re glass ceiling crashers, innovators, curators, artists, and storytellers. I hope you’ll all join in tonight to watch this very special episode of the list. Alongside this company, it’s sure to be a very inspiring show!